PRISM is a non-profit, biomedical research institute focused on the development of innovative treatments for important human diseases, including cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. 




Founded in 2009, PRISM is dedicated to discovering synergistic solutions to improve the lives of patients through enhancing therapeutic potency.  PRISM employs the principles of systems science, an interdisciplinary regimen to study the relationships between healthy and diseased tissue.  The goal is to develop more effective, less toxic treatments to improve patient care and address important unmet medical needs.



Scientists at PRISM have pioneered an integrated proteomic and imaging discovery platform for the identification and validation of tissue specific delivery targets to enable the rapid and specific penetration of therapeutic agents directly into diseased tissue, including select solid tumors.    



Located in the historic Village of La Jolla, CA, PRISM's state-of-the-art facilities combine advanced technologies in proteomics, in vivo imaging and stringent pre-clinical disease models to discover and validate novel therapeutic targets.